Super Hardware Bootstrap Code for the TC08/TC01 on an MI8E
Author: Ricky Schrieber/Charles Lasner
Forest Hills, NY
Source Language: PAL-8

Abstract: Due to the hardware implementation of the MI8E bootstrap
loader, it is necessary for the option to ground PWR NOT OK to cause
a power clear sequence. On the RK05's this causes the heads to retract in
case of a real failure, so to cover up for this and to leave a message logged
on the console TTY a hack was made to have it type INITIALIZING
then wait for the drive and do a standard OS/8 RK8E bootstrap.

Well, here is one for the TC08/TCO1 that will rewind unit 0, print the
message INITIALIZING and then proceed to bootstrap to what looks
like a standard TC01 bootstrap.

Note: Might fail MI8E diagnostic due to self-modification

Media Price Code: D2, F5, G5
Catalog: August 1978