USLIBA: FORTRAN II Subroutines for Binary Data Transfer
Author: Albrecht Lommel,
Institute of Aerodynamics ETH, Swiss Federal Institute of
Technology, Zurich, Switzerland
Operating System: OS/8
Source Language: SABR

Abstract: USLIBA contains five SABR-written subroutines which are
useful on evaluating absolute integer binary data in FORTRAN II.

DATAM prints the OS/8 date, ADFAC helps users with an A/DC to
evaluate their conversion factor: A/DC integer value to real voltage,
DCHAN stores integer data from DF 2 into the "COMMON" area in
DF 1, ADCOM combines ADFAC and DCHAN, storing the real
voltages of integer A/DC values from DF 2 into the COMMON area in
DF 1, RDATA finally reads integer data from the OS/8 SYS device from
a file into core. These data files can be created by means of another
program also available from DECUS: "WDATA"-DECUS 8-761.

Media Price Code: D3, F5, G16
Catalog: August 1978