FASTAD: User Oriented Data Collection on One A/DC Channel
Author: Albrecht Lommel,
Institute of Aerodynamics ETH, Swiss Federal Institute of
Technology, Zurich, Switzerland
Operating System: OS/8
Source Language: PAL-8
Memory Required: 12K
Special Hardware Required: Real Time Clock 'DK8-EP'; An A/
D converter 'AD01-AP' or other A/DC types with multiplex-
er; OS/8 configuration are not necessary but an advantage
Other Software Required: DEC's Floating Point Package (EAE or
TTYIO (DECUS 8-762); For OS/8 users: WDATA (DECUS
8-761) and USLIBA (DECUS 8-759) strongly recommended

Abstract: FASTAD is a program for user-oriented data collection on
one A/DC channel with one big buffer. Up to 4K core can be filled with
A/DC samples.

Media Price Code: A10, B6, F10, G50
Catalog: August 1978