WDATA: Subroutine to Write Absolute Binary Data on SYS-Device
Author: Albrecht Lommel
Institute of Aerodynamics ETH, Swiss Federal Institute of
Technology, Zurich, Switzerland
Operating System: OS/8
Source Language: PAL-8
Memory used: 3 pages
Other Software Required: USLIBA (DECUS No. 8-759)

Abstract: WDATA is a subroutine for writing absolute binary data on
the OS/8 SYS-device.

Format: Sequential blocks of 400g data words per block.

By means of 'USR' the user opens his data-file and then WDATA
writes the buffer contents to the sys-device (start address, field, and length
of buffer programmable). For subsequent calls to WDATA no new data-
filename is necessary; WDATA keeps track of the block-numbers.
Furthermore, it examines if the buffer length corresponds to an even
number of pages, if the sys-space available is sufficient for the next buffer
output (if not, a correction will be done of the amount of output together
with a correction message), and it asks after a successful buffer-output if
you want to transfer any more data. If your output has been ended it will
print out the complete filename (with the extension ".EX") and its total
block length.

Evaluations of these data having been stored on sys by WDATA can
be made in FORTRAN II by means of the program USLIBA (DECUS

Media Price Code: D2, F5, G10
Catalog: August 1978