IFAC: A FORTRAN Program for Parameter Estimation
Author: Hans-Dieter Wierum
Institut fuer Kemtechnik Technische Universitat Berlin, Berlin,
Operating System: OS/8
Source Language: FORTRAN II, PAL-8
Memory Required: 12K
Special Hardware Required: AX08 Lab Peripheral

Abstract: This program consists of four source programs, IFAC,
GAUSS, BINOM and PULSAD. The main program IFAC computes
matrixes and vectors which are needed for a least squares analysis. The
subroutine GAUSS solves a linear equation system, i.e. the matrix
equation A.X = Y for X. The elements of the result vector X are the
parameters of the discrete transfer function. The subroutine BINOM
computes the vector PAR from the vector X. The elements of the vector
PAR are the parameters of the continuous transfer function. The data
acquisition of the input-and-output-signals is carried out in real time by
the subroutine PULSAD.

Media Price Code: D2
Catalog: August 1978