Author: John Youngquist
Verus Instruments, Inc. Fort Erie, Ontario, Canada
Operating System: OS/8
Source Language: PAL-8
Memory used: 448 words
Special Hardware Required: High speed reader

Abstract: Sykboot is a novel bootstrap program for booting OS/8 from
a Sykes Model 7150, 7250 Floppy Disk System. Sykboot loads a special
tape from the High Speed Reader with an 8 location program that
contains the standard 27 location Sykes Bootstrap. Once read in, the
program self starts and 05/8 is booted. It saves toggling 19 tedious
locations every time a re-boot is required.

Note: It requires a High Speed Reader and cannot be easily
modified for ASR-33.

Media Price Code: D1
Catalog: August 1978