ALPHA.SV: Sort OS/8 Directories
Author: H. S. Hopkins, Jr.
General Latex and Chemical Corp. of Ohio
Operating System: OS/8
Source Language: PAL-8
Revised: 20 December 1977

Abstract: ALPHA is an OS/8 utility program to sort directories on any
one of the four keys contained: filename, extension, creation date or
starting block number. ALPHA V03 is an extensive revision to the
original DECUS 8-825 submission to update for the extended date of
OS/8 V3D plus additional enhancement provided in the form of a
heading print of the sort method, and printout of the DECSYSTEM-8
parameter block information. Operating systems provided for are PS/8,
OS/8, OS/12, DECSYSTEM-8, and OS/78. Extensive checking of the
parameter block information prevents 'runaway' garbage printing in case
DECSYSTEM-8 parameter blocks are not being used. The new date
format in OS/8 V3D is supported.

Note: ALPHA is also available on LINCtape. It is included with
DECUS NO. 12-212 LTFRMT program.

Media Price Code: A2, H32
Format: OS/8
Catalog: August 1978