Program System to Analyze Analogue Signals with the LAB-8 System
Author: Klaus Lickteig
Institut fur Kemtechnik, Technische Universitat Berlin
Marshstrasse 18, 1000 Berlin 10, Germany
Operating System: OS/8 (Optional)
Source Language: PAL-8
Memory Required: 8K or 12K
Special Hardware Required: AX08 Lab Peripheral with scope,
and EAE.

Abstract: This program system will perform a cross-or auto-correla-
tion on analogue stochastical signals x(t) and y(t) in real time. With an
8k memory you can calculate auto-, cross-correlation-, power- and cross-
spectral-density-functions. With a 12k memory you get additionally the
imaginary and real parts of the spectral-densities; transfer- and coher-
ence-functions; phase angle and Nyquist plot. An output off all functions
is possible onto oscilloscope, analogue x - y plotter, teletype or high-

This program allows an automatic calculation of all the functions.
During off-line calculation an analogue magnetic tape with the measurement
signals will be controlled automatically.

Media Price Code: D5, F12
Catalog: August 1978