Author: Phillip D. Siemens/Allan L. Vanlehn
Lawrence Livermore Laboratory, Livermore, CA
Operating System: OS/8
Source Language: SABR
Special Hardware Required: PDP-8E Series EAE
Other Software Required: OS/8 FORTRAN II

Abstract: LIB8X is a FORTRAN II library which makes use of Mode
A EAE instructions, and as a result, executes programs approximately
twice as fast as standard OS/8 FORTRAN II. The format of the floating
point word was changed to a 23 bit mantissa which causes a reduction in
precision. However, the new routines have a reasonable rounding algorithm
and by empirical tests maintain better accuracy in interative
calculations than the 27 bit package. New subroutines EOF, on device 4;
RESET, implements DECODE; LBYT & SBYT for byte manipulation.

Note: Old Data must be converted.

Media Price Code: A1, H32, K54
Format: OS/8
Catalog: August 1978