QUICKPOINT-8: Numerical Control System
Submitted by: Dave Rogers
Digital Equipment Corp. Maynard, MA
Operating System: Paper Tape
Source Language: PAL-10
Memory Required: 4K

Abstract: The Quickpoint-8 System, an advanced concept in part
programming for numerically controlled machine tools, is currently
available and may already be installed in your shop. This Users' Guide
presents the Quickpoint-8 System concept; the Quickpoint Language,
operating procedures, and part program preparation information. More-
over, convenient tables, flow charts and instructions are included to aid
personnel in training part programmers and provide easily accessible
reference material for the experience part programmer.

Chapter 1, System Description, contains a description of the important
features of the system and a brief summary of its functional operation.

Chapter 2, the Quickpoint-8 Language, is a dictionary of the command
vocabulary recognized by the Quickpoint-8 System.

Chapter 3, Operating Procedures, contains flow charts that provide
step-by-step instructions for operating the Quickpoint-8 System.

Chapter 4, Input Data Program Preparation, contains general instructions
for language usage and applications in the preparation of the input
data programs from which part programs are compiled.

Media Price Code: E10, H64
Format: DECsystem-10
Catalog: August 1978