PALLUX: Sykes Cassette PAL III Assembler
Author: M. G. Fishel, G. Vandermeulen, S. Orloff and R. Vyncke
Free University, Brussels, V.U.B.
Source Language: PAL-III
Memory Required: 4K
Special Hardware Required: Sykes 3000 series cassette
Other Software Required: .PAL-III Assembler

Abstract: Program PALLUX overlays PAL III, Digital's Assembly
Program, enabling PAL to read the symbolic program from the SYKES
3000 series cassette unit, in addition to paper tape, and to output the
assembled program at the ASR-33 or VT05. (The symbolic program is
written on to the SYKES 3000 series cassette unit by use of the program
CASTOR). PALLUX also includes the formatting of pass 3 listings into
page size blocks and the correction of a bug in the routines ETYPO
(subroutine to type error code) and ERROUT (clears junk of the
pushdown list).

The high speed paper tape reader and punch routines are inoperative.

Media Price Code: D2, F5, G10
Catalog: August 1978