SDBOOT: A Short Bootstrap for a non-OS/8 Sykes 7100 Floppy Disk System
Author: P. M. Holtham and I. M. Templeton
National Research Council of Canada
Source Language: PAL-8
Memory used: 2 pages
Special Hardware Required: Sykes 7100 Floppy Disk


Abstract: An extremely short (1210 instructions) toggled bootstrap for
a Sykes 7100 disk system is presented. This bootstrap reads disk-resident
code, prestored in a 6 + 6-bit format which overwrites the toggled code
and then takes over. The resident code has room for up to 8610 user-
written instructions which are used to load an appropriate disk handler.
Also provided is the program needed to prestore this code in the required
format on track 0 of the disk.

Media Price Code: D2, G5
Catalog: August 1978