Serial Input/Output Handlers For Interprocessor Communications
Author: Peter Hanak
Technical University Budapest, Hungary
Source Language: PAL-8

Abstract: Be sure the PDR: (version 1.1) and the PDP: (version 1.2)
handlers are active in your OS/8 system, otherwise, activate them by
using OS/8 BUILD.

Check whether RSTS/E is running on the connected PDP-11 computer,
otherwise, the connection can not be established.

Transmission can be accomplished between any peripherals of the two
computers. The only limiting factor is the timing of the PDR: Handler,
only the PDP-8 OS/8 system can control the transmission procedure.

When reading a file from the PDP-11 computer the PDP-8 waits about
30 secs for the first character and about 8 secs for the other ones, when
timing expires the handler interprets this as an 'end-of-file' condition.
When writing to the PDP-ll there is no timing at all.

Media Price Code: D2, G22, H32 (Order DECUS 8-873 DECtape)
Format: OS/8
Catalog: August 1978