CRS80: 8080 Cross-Assembler
Author: James Bonalumi
Carroll College Waukesha, WI
Operating System: Paper Tape
Source Language: MACRO-8
Memory Required: 4K

Abstract: This program is capable of assembling 8080 programs on a
PDP8/F type of computer. Features include: full intel instruction set as


in Bugbook 3, easy data table generation, one or two byte symbols, for
addresses or device codes, capacity for over 400 symbols, and it runs in
4K. Output is page formatted on the third pass producing a listing
looking something like the PS/8 PAL assembler, and the symbol table
may be printed or suppressed at each pass. There is also one page of
reserved code for a user to patch in I/O for other devices, like many of
the small impact printers currently available.

Binary tape is compatible with most 8080 loaders, such as the one in
DBUG Monitor.

Media Price Code: A5, F6, G14
Catalog: August 1978