OS/8 Non-System Device Handler For Sykes 7250 Floppy Disk
Author: Friedemann Brauer
HNO Forschungstrakt, Germany
Operating System: OS/8
Source Language: PAL-8

Abstract: Disk capacity is fully used, packing two 12-bit core words
into three 8-bit disk bytes (the buffered model allows transfer of an odd
number of bytes).

IBM compatibility is lost, since storage starts from track zero.
Both the system and the non-system handler are 2-page handlers, with
entries for 2 units.

The system handler's second page resides in field two; patches necessary
for FRTS, BLOAD and BASIC.FF are given (by Ian M. Templeton).

With a special secondary bootstrap format a very short toggle-in
bootstrap for the system handler will do.

In case of field zero "crashes", manual start at 27722 allows re-booting
the whole system.

Media Price Code: D2, G6 (Includes F)
Catalog: August 1978