ADC: A General Purpose Analog to Digital Conversion System for processing Biological Data
Author: Anthony F. Badalamenti, Ph.D.
Rockland Research Institute, Orangeburg, NY
Operating System: OS/8 V3C
Source Language: PAL-8
Memory Required: 16K
Special Hardware Required: Converter, Real Time Clock
Version: May, 1978

Abstract: ADC is a flexible, user-oriented system for recording and subsequent processing of analog to
digital data. Recording is done with interactive software on a PDP-8E where the useer supplies the
controlling parameters of his experiment. Companion software on an IBM 360 reads the output tape(s) and
makes the AD data immediately available for processing in user-defined programs. The design philosophy
is record oriented.

Media Price Code: D5, H30
Format: OS/8
Catalog: June 1979