SABX: SABR Assembler Modification Version: December 1978
Author: Laurie A. Forbes
Mobil Oil Canada, Ltd., Alberta, Canada
Operating System: OS/8
Source Language: PAL-8
Memory Required: 8K
Other Software Required: SABR Assembler from OS/8 V2

Abstract: An overlay to modify SABR to simulate PAL-8 as closely as possible while maintaining SABR's
automatic page escapte generation (routine use of the PAGE statement is eliminated). Overhead found in
unmodified SABR to handle field switching, relocatable loading, external subroutines, etc., has been
eliminated. The only runtime code is a small routine (10-23 words) in each field to handle indirect address
references to off-page locations. The binary output can be loaded by ABSLDR, and up to 12K can be used
for increased symbol storage.
Restrictions: May not work with other than version II SABR.

Media Price Code: D3, G5
Catalog: June 1979