INFSTAT Version: December 1978
Author: Sally Swedine
V. A. Medical Center, Seattle, WA
Operating System: OS/8 V3
Source Language: FORTRAN II; PAL-8/PAL-III
Memory Required: Up to 12K, less for some
Special Hardware Required: A non-system DECtape unit

Abstract: INFSTAT is a package of statistical and binary DECtape manipulation programs cabable of
working independently or in conjunction with INFPAK (DECUS No. 8-859). The package includes, but is
not limited to, means and standard deviations, regression and correlation, regular and stepwise multiple
regression for up to 10 independent variables, paired and unpaired T-tests, individual and multiple DECtape
block editing, data input and display, histograms, single and multiple-page plots, DECtape block
transposition, and areas under the curve. All programs operate on variables stored on DECtape blocks in
binary floating point formate. There is a provision for a missing data indicator which causes pairs of data to
be ignored.

Partial documentation on tape.

Media Price Code: A3, H60
Format: OS/8
Catalog: June 1979