TELCOM: Telecommunications/Teleprocessing

Author: Siegfried Rybczynski, U.S. Army Biomedical Laboratory,
Program Version: February 1979
Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD

Operating System: OS/8, OS/12 Source Language: PAL-8 Memory
Required: 12K Special Hardware Required: DP 12B Aynchronous
Modem Interface and compatible modem, or equivalent
Keywords: Data Communications

Abstract: With TELCOM, your PDP-8 or PDP-12 can perform computer
to computer or computer to remote terminal or other device commu-
nications. Communication codes must be 7- or 8-bit ASCII and may be
odd, even, or mark parity.Default program status has the PDP emulating a
remote demand terminal. The user may exit TELCOM at any time while in
this status, perform other PDP processing, then resume TELCOM
operation at the point of exit. Additional features provide for data
transfers through the interface to and from file-oriented devices. File
characters are packed and unpacked according to OS/8 (OS/12)
conventions. Files created by TELCOM are readable by other operating
system programs (such as PIP, EDIT, BASIC, etc.). TELCOM utilizes an
asynchronous modem interface for telecommunications at speeds up to
1200 baud.

Restrictions: This program has not been tested beyond 1200 baud.

Documentation on magnetic media.

Media Service Charge Code: Write-Up and Listing (DB), DECtape
(HA), Floppy Diskette (KA) Format: OS/8
Catalog: June 1985