MICRO-8 On-line Assembler
Author: K. F. Kinsey and M. E. Nordbert
Operating System: Paper Tape
Source Language: PAL-III
Memory Required: 3200-4200

Abstract: MICRO-8 is a short assembler program for the PDP-8 that
translates typed mnemonic instructions into the appropriate binary code
and places them in specified memory locations immediately ready to
function. It processes the typed instructions by a table-lookup procedure.

It is especially useful for programs of less than one page which are to
be run immediately. Only octal (not symbolic) addresses may be specified,
but the user has control of the zero page and indirect addressing bits.
An octal typeout routine permits examination of any memory location.

Note: MICRO-8 is quite capable of modifying itself.

No source available.

Media Price Code: A2, F5
Catalog: August 1978