WPS-8 to COS-310 File Conversion Utility, Version: December 1979

Author: Lawrence H. Eisenberg

Operating System: COS-310 all versions Source Language: DIBOL
Memory Required: 8K words Keywords: Conversions; Utilities - COS-

Abstract: WPS-8 to COS Utility ("WPS>COS") converts WPS-8
structures list files to COS-310 structured data files for use in DIBOL-8
programs. The utility permits various types of input(such as accounting
data, time slips, employee time records, etc.) to be input during regular
word processing, without the necessity for changing the SYSTEM
(requiring word processing down time) to input data processing items.
Input lists may be stored in abbreviation libraries and called up as needed,
and entries made in random order. Subsequent DIBOL programs can
SORT all such files and provide for editing and operations not otherwise
performed in the word processing mode.

The WPS to COS Utility significantly modifies earlier similar utilities
be DEC with time savings of up to 250% (or more). The operator now is
required to provide only NAME OF DISKETTE and DOCUMENT
NUMBER being transferred. Documentation on the source files is
extensive, and points to the few program lines which may be modified for
personalized applications. The documentation is supplemented by a
README source file and a write-up.

Restrictions: 1) limited to WPS-8 versions after 1.0 (current
version is 3.1 and 4.0 (WT-200s)); and total characters per record are
limited to 510 (maximum DIBOL-8 record size for named files).

Note: As submitted, program linited to 50 fields of 45 characters each.
May easily be rewritten to provide for as many as fields and characters as
may be desired. Source files explain points of modification. Error
probability less than .00% over media error probability. Regardless of WPS
file length, the WPS diskette must be assigned one logical unit containing
41 segments (i.e., the entire diskette).

Documentation on magnetic media.

Media Service Charge Code: Write-Up and Listing (DA), Floppy
Diskette (KA) Format: COS-310
Catalog: June 1985