WVU Sort-Merge Utilities, Version: November 1981

Author: Clyde Roby, James Coryell, Thomas McIntyre and Alan

Submitted by: Robert Hassinger, Liberty Mutual Research Center,
Hopkinton, MA

Operating System: OS/8, OS/12 and OS/78 Source Language: PAL-8
Memory Required: 8K Keywords: Sorting; Utilities - OS/8

Abstract: This is a package of programs for sorting Os/8 ASCII files.
SORT is the principal utility. MERGE and XTRACT are companion
programs to assist in the efficient sorting of large data sets.
SORT is designed to work on OS/8 compatible ASCII files. They are
sorted by "records" of up to 512 characters. A record may be defined as
consisting of "n" lines or as all the characters up to an arbitrary record
mark character. The user has the option to define fields for sorting either
by fixed column positions or bounded by arbitrary delimiting characters.
The sorting can be either ascending or descending, character or numeric
within each field. A total of 32 keys can be defined by columns or 42 by
delimiter. The sorting procedure used is multi-pass sort-meerge with
intermediate temporary files. The devices for the files may be specified to
optimize the sorting. The original intent of the design was to be able to sort
effectively even on a minimum system with as little as two DECtapes.
MERGE will merge two previously sorted input files into one output
file. The same field definitions as for SORT are used.
XTRACT can be used to reduce the size of a data set before it is
sorted. Records are selected from the input and passed to an output
file based on whether the value of a field is inside or outside of a specified
range of values.

Restrictions: This submission has not been tested under OS/78 V4,
however no problems are anticipated. This submission has not been tested
on the VT278 DECmate. There may be some terminal I/O incompatibility
that would require modification.

Media Service Charge Code: Write-Up (AA), DECtape (HA), Floppy
Diskette (KA) Format: OS/8
Catalog: June 1985