VAXCOM: PDP-8/VAX-11 Communications Program, Version: March 1982

Author: R. M. Doesburg, A. T. Wallis, Wellcome Medical Research
Institute, Dunedin, New Zealand

Operating System: OS/8 V3D Source Language: PAL-8 Memory Re-
quired: 8KW Special Hardware Required: KL8J Terminal Con-
trol/Asynchronous Data Interface. Keywords: Data Communications;
Utilities - OS/8

Abstract: VAXCOM is a PDP-8 program which allows terminal opera-
tions with a remote VAX-11, and transfer of ASCII files. A standard DEC
KL8-J serial interface board is used to connect the VAX communication
line to the PDP-8. This program sends all input from the PDP-8 terminal
display. ASCII files can be transmitted in either direction between
computers, using any OS/8 device as source or destination. File transfer is
initiated and synchronised by a VAX/VMS DCL Command Procedure,
which transmits a code that causes the PDP-8 program to call the OS/8
command decoder. The XON/XOFF protocol is used to control the rate
of data transmission.

Note: There are two DCL Command Procedures required to run on VAX
that are supplied with the program.

Documentation on magnetic media.

Media Service Charge Code: Write-Up and Listing (DA), Floppy
Diskette (KA) Format: OS/8
Catalog: June 1985