VISTA EDITOR Version: June 1986

Author: Stewart Dewar

Submitted by: Wally Kalinowski, Aerospace Corp., Los Angeles, CA

Operating System: OS/78, OS/8 Source Language: PAGE8 Memory
Required: 12KW Keywords: Editors

Abstract: VISTA is a full screen editor which allows for scrolling for-
ward and backward. By means of 'VCM' modules, this editor can be
made to work with any CRT. It supports many features including:

  • String/word search
  • Step/iterative replacement
  • Status information
  • Pikup/putdown, etc.

    An updated user manual is supplied (hardcopy only) as well as the
    original manual which is on a disk. Also, included on the disk are:
    HELP.SV, ACID.SV, and DIRECT.SV, CCL.SV. With the exception of
    ACID and PAGE8, these programs are enhanced versions of the

    Complete sources not included.

    Media Service Charge Code: User's Manual (EB), Four RX01 Disket-
    tes (KD) Format: OS/8
    Catalog: June 1991