MSCPNT: Manuscript Compressed Print
Author: Prof. P. Finkenzeller, University of Erlangen, Erlangen, West Germany
MSCPNT prints LAP4 manuscript (packed or unpacked) via the Teletype. The program is written to be used under GUIDE. Sense switch options and parameter input format are the same as MSPRNT (DEC-L8-PTAA-D). This program is approximately 25 per cent faster than MSPRNT.

The manuscript consists of three sections.

  1. Main Program, MSCPNT, which is 1622(8) lines long.
  2. Q & A subroutine, Q+ASUB, which is 471(8) lines long.
  3. Teletype driver, TTYSUB, which is 204(8) lines long.
Storage Requirement: Binary Program: 6 blocks of tape for storage under GUIDE. The program uses 8 quarters of memory at execution time.
Catalog: November 1969