PLTKBD: Plot Keyboard
Author: R. Cooper, Burden Neurological Institute, Bristol, England
PLTKBD, Plot Keyboard, is a LINC-8 program which plots the characters of the Teletype keyboard on a CalComp 365 Plotter. The program occupies four blocks and starts at 1 or 20. It uses the OPR instructions embedded in PROGOFOP (DEC-L8-SFAO-D). The size of the characters is set by the LSW. They can be rotated through 90 degrees by SNS 0.

ALT MODE A draws a head stamp (useful in Electroencephalography).

ALT MODE B moves the drum down 1 inch so that the position of printing can be first set on the CalComp viewer crosswires.

ALT MODE C returns to GUIDE

The program is protected against illegal characters ALT MODE D, E, F, etc.

Other Programs Needed: PROGOFCP (DEC-L8-SFAO-D)
Catalog: November 1969