Author: Hans Reiter, Physiological Institute of the Free University of Berlin, Berlin, Germcny
This program is to be used as a trigger program. Input is via channel 10 and comparison with a trigger level is controlled by knob 0. It is also posSible to arrange a delay by an octal number submitted from the main program to the subroutine. During the time of delay, no trigger is possible. The input and the trigger level is displayed.

The minimum delay is 450 usec with an input of 1776, 3776, 5776, or 7776 in register 1F <> 1.

The programs uses auto index registers 2, 3, and 6. The following tags are used. 1F, 2F, 4F, 1D, 4M, 5M. The execution time in each case is exactly 150 usec with the jump return to the main program, but without the jumb to the subroutine. The program triggers only if the input signal crosses the trigger level in the positive sense.

Source Language: LAP4
Storage Requirement: 114(8)
Catalog: November 1969