DECtape Interface for LINC-8
Author: Submitted by: Digital Equipment Corporation, Maynard, Massachusetts
Programming and documentation for a minimal hardware interface which allows the LINC-8 to read and write single blocks of PDP-8 format DECtape. It consists of eleven modules which are added to the LINC-8 memory section. Digital Equipment Corporation will make this interface available to LINC-8 customers, either as a factory installed option, a field installed option, or supply the drawings and programming for those who wish to implement this interface themselves.

Material available:

  1. The block schematic diagram C-BS-7605206-0-1.
  2. A description of the interface and its function.
  3. A set of PDP-8 subroutines to use the modified LINC-8 Tape Control to read and write blocks of PDP-8 format DECtape.
  4. A program which will copy a LINC format DECtape to a PDP-8 format DECtape or vice versa.
  5. Binary and ASCII paper tapes, ASCII third-pass listings, and LINCtape containing the appropriate programming.
Catalog: November 1969