Games-SET 1
Abstract: This package contains:

GUESS-Walter Koetke, Binary search guessing game vs. the computer.

LUNAR2-Digital Equipment Corporation, Simulates the landing of a lunar module on the moon.

SLOTS-Anonymous, Simulates a one-armed bandit.

EDBARD-Digital Equipment Corporation, Random poetry writing program.

GAME OF LIFE-A. Christopher Hall; A. E. Sapega, A sort of solitaire game, played on a large grid.

MTCHS, This program simulates the game of 23 matches.

GOMOKU, Simulates the traditional game of the Orient, GOMOKU, on a 7 x 7 board.

AMAZIN-Jack Hauber, This program prints out a different maze every time it is run. User specifies length and width. There is only one path through the maze.

GOLF-Howard Kargman, Simulates a game of golf for 1 to 4 players.

TIC-TAC-TOE-Joseph Salamon, Allows user to play TIC-TAC-TOE with the computer. User should always lose or come to a draw.

SIMULATION BASEBALL-Jeff Moskow; Brad Golden, Allows the user to play a nine inning game of baseball against the computer.

DISTANCE GAME-Tom Adametz, Figures out distance implied by 2 random numbers labeled TIME and SPEED.

NUMBER GAME-Tom Adametz, Computer compares a number from 1-5 with a set of random variables. Winning depends on whether or not chosen number compares with variable.

COINS, Simulates coin tossing game.

RUSSIAN ROULETTE, Simulates the game of Russian Roulette.

Media Price Code: D3, K25
Format: OS/8
Catalog: June 1979