LILAC: Laband's Ingeneous Little Automatic Computer
Submitted by: Keith Leband
Operating System: EDUsystem-25
Source Language: BASIC
Abstract: LILAC is a hypothetical machine language written in Edusystem-30 BASIC for a PDP-8 series computer. The program itself is supposed to simulate a real computer's machine language. It contains quite a few instructions that can be found in real assembly languages, but modified in form to fit the needs of this simulator. It also has a few other instructions not found in assembly languages.

Due to the size of the actual program, (on a 4K PDP-8) you are limited to only 175 lines of machine language programming. If you are using a larger BASIC, you can easily modify the program for more programming text.

Since this program simulates many of the steps in learning a real computer's machine language (i.e. the loading and operation of pro- grams) it should be extremely useful to a beginner in machine language programming.

Media Price Code: D2, G5
Catalog: August 1978