Submitted by: "PK" Kretzman, George Roukis
Abstract: CSHHS BASIC-73 is a language patterned after, and in fact, consisting of numerous modifications to DECUS No. 8-195, POLY BASIC. Extensive rebuilding of both the compiler and editing sections have given the language enormous scope and increased power. Neverthe- less, almost complete upward compatability has been maintained between POLY BASIC and CSHHS BASIC-73. Features include: 1). Computed GO TO, 2) Extended function definitions, 3) Data repointer, 4) Line search feature, 5) 'Tab' function, 6) Improved text handling, 7) Correction of all known POLY BASIC bugs, and many others.
Note: No source available.
Media Price Code: A2, F20
Catalog: August 1978