PLTPKG: Mathematical TTY Plotting Package
Submitted by: Brother Joseph Autin, S. C.
Operating System: EDU-2
Source Language: BASIC
Abstract: This package contains six TTY plotter programs as described below.
  1. FTNPLT (Functional Plotter) allows the user to define the function Y = f(X) in a manner similar to that used in high school algebra.
  2. RELPLT (Relational Plotter) will plot any relation defined in terms of X and Y. The relation must be defined in the form 0 = R(X, Y).
  3. MULPLT (Multiple Relational Plotter) allows the simultaneous plotting of a maximum of 5 relations in the same section of the coordinate plane.
  4. PRAPLT (Parametric Relational Plotter) allows the plotting of a relation 0 = R(X, Y) where the X and Y are themselves defined in terms of the parametric variable A.
  5. POLPLT (Polar Coordinate Plotter) will plot a function of the form Rho = f(Alpha) on a polar coordinate grid.
  6. SURPLT (Surface Plotter) attempts to plot a "bird's eye view" of a surface defined by a function of the form Z = f(X, Y). The graph somewhat resembles a topological map, where the letters used in the graph indicate the relative "height" of the range. The output is not printed in three-dimensional perspective.
Media Price Code: D2, G26
Catalog: August 1978