QUIP1 - Quick Plot in Quadrant l

D. A. Dalby, Bedford Institute of Oceanography, Dartmouth,
Nova Scotia, Canada

The implementation of an additional extended function named
"FLOT" in FOCAL to generate a straight line plot on a CalComp
563 incremental plotter considerably increases the
usefulness of FOCAL for simple plotting applications. QUIP
is a program in FOCAL language which demonstrates one use
of the FLOT function: to generate a general XY plot in the
first quadrant. The user simply types the control parameters
and (x,y) values on the keyboard. An infinite set of plotting
symbols of continuously variable size, width-to-height ratio,
symbol order (number of strokes), and positive (counterclockwise)
or negative (clockwise) rotation is available by
simply typing the appropriate parameters on the keyboard.

Minimum Hardware:
PDP-8, ASR33, CalComp 563
Incremental Plotter

Catalog: July 1973