FOCAL: How to Write New Subroutines and Use Internal

Doug Wrege, Engineering Experiment Station, Georgia
Institute of Technology, Atlanta, Georgia

This document is an attempt to explain how user-developed
software can be interfaced to the basic FOCAL package,
without requiring the user to spend valuable time trying to
understand all of its detailed workings. Section II deals with
a general discussion of how FOCAL works, in a descriptive
fashion. Section III is concerned with the philosophy of the
language, and the last few sections are technically oriented
toward helping the user actually code his additions. Several
examples and ready-coded routines, which may be used to
simplify the user's problems are included.

An extension of this document, which includes most of the
discussions contained in this volume, is offered as DECUS
NO. FOCAL8-271. (See abstract)

Catalog: July 1973