Automated Terminal Usage Accounting for Four-User FOCAL

G. E. Moore, L. S. McGimsey, C. L. Davis
Submitted by: Chester L. Davis, Western Kentucky University,
Bowling Green, Kentucky

Machine accounting of the usage of eight terminals connected
to two PDP-8/I computer systems at the Instructional Com-
puter Laboratory of the University of Kentucky has been
implemented. Programs for emulating a programmable clock,
recording usage data, sorting, storing transaction records on
DECtape and summarizing usage are presented.

Minimum Hardware:
8K PDP-8/I, DECtape, machine
readable clock such as KW8I or
the RC clock in the AX08
Other Programs Needed:
Single-user and four-user
FOCAL 69 are included in the
Source Language:

Catalog: July 1973