Keyboard Controlled High Speed Punch Routine for FOCAL

Eddy Emmons, Royal Postgraduate Medical School,
Hammersmith Hospital, London, England

A new function call has been implemented for FOCAL 1969
to allow the high speed punch to output all FOCAL commands
and can be used under program control.

A new command, which is ignored by FOCAL, changes the
printer IOT's for Punch IOT's, The Punch will exit to the
keyboard when errors occur. These routines can be used with
or without the extended functions and do not require extra
user space. Either argument or command can be extended to
activate other high speed output devices as KV8/I, line
printer, etc. (when 8K is available).

Minimum Hardware:
4K PDP-8, 8/I, 8/L
Other Programs Needed:
FOCAL 1969
Storage Requirement:
508 locations
FDIS and FADC are pre-emptied
Source Language:

Catalog: July 1973