FOCL/F - An Extended Version of 8K FOCAL/69

D. E. Wrege, Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, Georgia

FOCL/F is a version of FOCAL language which implements
several extensions for increased power and versatility, Among
these are: user defined functions, user defined interrupt
service, execution of machine language instructions from
FOCAL, arrayed variables, PS/8 compatibility, line number
computation, extended commands, ASCII character commands,
links for ease of addition of user assembly-code subroutines,
new TTY-high speed reader control commands, A PS/8 overlay
is available for file handling from FOCAL, which permits
device independent program calling/saving, variable files,
and ASCII files, FOCL/F version 12/1/72 is closely compatible
with FOCAL-10, the newly released implementation
of FOCL/F on the DECsystem-10 by Rob Warnock III at the
chemistry department of Emory University. This document
includes additions to the earlier version dated 6/1/72.

Minimum Hardware:
8K PDP-8
Other Programs Needed:
PS/8 or OS/8 for PS/8 overlay
Source Language:

Catalog: July 1973