LUNGS: A System of Programs for the Calculation of Selected Cardiorespiratory Parameters
Author: Robert R. Demers A.R.I.T.
Anesthesia Research Laboratory Rhode Island Hospital,
Providence, RI
Source Language: FOCAL '69
Memory Required: 8K

Abstract: The system of programs designated "LUNGS" performs
calculations to aid in the diagnosis and therapy of pulmonary disorders.
Among the functions performed by the programs are: correction of blood
gas data from in vitro to in vivo conditions, calculations of tidal volume,
respiratory rate, minute ventilation, deadspace volume, minute alveolar
ventilation, oxygen uptake, respiratory exchange ratio, alveolar-arterial
oxygen difference, arteriovenous oxygen difference, Fick cardiac output,
cardiac index and percentage shunt. It can be applied to patients
breathing spontaneously or being mechanically ventilated. One of the
system programs corrects blood gas data obtained during hypothermia
and extracorporeal circulation.

Media Price Code: D3, F5, G10
Catalog: August 1978