D. E. Wrege and J. C. Alderman, Georgia Institute of
Technology, Atlanta, Georgia

A dialect has been developed utilizing the disk (DF32 or
RF08) for both text and variable storage in a 4K PDP-8.
Variable storage is via the arrayed function FNEW, while
text is stored via the LIBRARY command which has been pre-
empted for the purpose. Limitations of programming complexity
in the current version limit the user to about 6 complete
FOCAL program images and 1320 DISK FNEW variables (8K
of the disk). A trivial modification to the coding will allow
the user to expand the disk area. The package was written
for the DF32, but changes required for the RF08 are easily
made by a user of such. The Disk/DECtape Monitor does not
protect the user's files generated by the use of the package,
but a program to implement the protection is under development.

Catalog: July 1973