MICFCC: Microsphere Flow Correction and Calculation Program
Author: Michael J. Barber and David L. Gudewicz
Loyola University Medical Center
Operating System: OS/8 V3C
Source Language: PS/8 FOCAL
Other Software Required: See Abstract
Other Hardware Required: Paper Tape Reader

Abstract: MICFF is a program designed to perform mathematical corrections and calculations on data obtained from radiolabeled carbonized spheres (microspheres). Tissue samples containing microspheres are placed in a gamma radiation counting system and the data punched out on paper tape. MICFCC obtains the count per minute value of each isotope in each piece of tissue and corrects for the various isotope to isotope interferences plus background radiation values before calculating regional blood flows for each piece of tissue. Any number of tissue samples and isotopes may be utulized with proper program modification. To perform these calculations using a calculator would take approximately 20 times longer, often saving 10 or more hours.

Note: MICFCC was developed using PS/8 FOCAL, but it is believed to be compatible with U/W FOCAL, DECUS No. FOCAL8-301.

Media Price Code: D2
Catalog: June 1979