HYFOC.P: A Process Control Language based on FOCL.S, November 1977
Author: T. Jeevanandam and S. S. Lamba,
Indian Institute of Technology, India
Operating System: Paper Tape
Source Language: PAL-III
Memory Required: 8K
Other Hardware Required: EAL 580 Analog computer with interface for PDP-8/E.

Abstract: A software to operate the EAL 580-PDP-8/E as hybrid computing (HCS) or as process control computer system (PCCS) is developed based on FOCL.S (DECUS No. FOCAL8-148*). It retains all the features of FOCL.S and has additional machine language coded subroutines to handle external data transfer. It also allows the use of more than one subscripts, thus providing a facility to handle matrices. A special command has been incorporated to operate stepper motors which can control process flows through valves coupled to them. It resides in the core area allocated for user coded subroutines.

* FOCL.S, DECUS No. F8-148 is distributed with this package.
Restrictions: A/D converter (Digital Voltmeter) samples at 50 Hz for single channel, and at 7 Hz for multi-channel.

Media Price Code: A2, H30
Format: OS/8
Catalog: June 1979